Something For Kate – Monsters

“Monsters” was shot on April 1st, 2001 in Francis St, Melbourne and was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2001 ARIA Awards.

We used two Super 16mm cameras, one on a Steadicam (operated by Louis Puli) shooting the band as they walked down the street and the second focusing on the 60 extras who were running in the opposite direction.

In order to light the band, we rigged 2 x HMI’s to a trailer that was connected to a generator truck. The generator truck slowly pulled the trailer down the street as the band followed. It was quite an impressive rig as you can see from the picture below. Peter Falk (DOP) and myself were seated on the trailer with a video split, playback rig and a large fan that pushed “ash” towards the band members.

Given all of the extras, the multiple cameras and the daylight time restrictions, it proved to be a complicated shoot. You can imagine my frustration when we went to the telecine session only to discover that the first roll of Paul walking down the street had multiple deep scratches running through it! We had to return to the location the next week and reshoot these opening tight shots.

To this day the reason for the scratches remains a mystery…

Client: Something for Kate
Title: Monsters (2001)
Label: Sony Music Australia
Production Company: Ripple Digital Films
Producer: Simon Burton
Director: Bart Borghesi
Production Manager: Alison Bicknell
1st Assistant Director: Jason Byrne
Production Assistant: Oliver Fitzgerald
DOP: Peter Falk
Steadicam: Louis Puli
Camera Assistant#1: Greg de Marigny
Camera Assistant#2: Angelo Sartore
Grip: Dean Hall
Gaffer: Andrew Lock
Standby Props: Blair Jackson
Special effects: Timothy Tozer, Pranne Mckinley
Costumes: Anna Borghesi
Makeup: Eve Flight
Playback: Richard Mudford
Editor: Bart Borghesi
Colorist: Adrian Hauser