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Personal Song

Posted on: April 11th, 2014 by Bart No Comments

I recently completed a music video for the fantastic German band, The Boss Hoss. The track is titled, “Personal Song”. The guys toured Australia about a month ago for the Soundwave Festival and I was witness to a ripping live show in Melbourne. On their return to Germany they won the Echo Award for best rock band which is no surprise given how impressive they are live.

The Boss Hoss win The Echo Award for best rock band in Germany.

The video was shot in and around the Melbourne CBD and showcases a few well known haunts. Many thanks are due to the entire cast, crew and band but I would like to say thanks in particular to Sophie Kamman (manager) and Benjamin Wahlert from Universal Germany for their overall management of the project, David Leadbetter for producing, Matt Wood for the images, Ellie Daniel for the hair and makeup, Sophie Rose and Cloud of Unknowing for the art direction and costumes and Michael Gordon for the post FX. We had a number of actors involved in this piece and whilst I won’t mention them all by name it is fair to say they all made terrific contributions to the project. The Boss Hoss can be found here Good old punk, rockabilly, western/country fusion. You can’t beat it.