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Live It Up

Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by Bart No Comments

The new video for the Airbourne track, “Live It Up” was unleashed upon the world yesterday, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of the cast and crew for their contributions to the work. There were a few of the “usual suspects’ involved, some of whom deserve a specific mention. Thanks to Stu Macqueen (Airbourne Management) at Wonderlick for teeing up the job, Suzi Akyuz and her crew at Roadrunner Records in New York for putting up with the time difference, David Leadbetter at IRL Shooter for producing this beast, Michael Williams and Matt Wood for the shots and Marcus Smith for the colours. Special mention must go to the members of the Full Metal Jacket Muscle Car Club who brought down an amazing array of vehicles, contributing car bling and some seriously crusty burnouts to the clip.

The clip was shot on the last hot day of Melbourne’s Indian Summer. We baked on the asphalt car park of the Docklands Studios for 12 hours, and it has to be said that the boys from Airbourne put in a Herculean effort. Take after take, they brought their extreme levels of energy to each shot, driving the clip onto that frenzied freeway of Oz Rock which they alone seem to traverse.

Rock on and live it up!